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Chiang Mai to Golden Triangle Trip

North Thailand at Golden Triangle.thumbnail_GOPR0035_1591857987446_resized
Mekong River at Golden Triangle.thumbnail_GOPR0037_1591857987446_resized

Chiang Rai province is the former capital of the great Lanna Kingdom, a fascinating province filled with cultural and natural wonders, including the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Laos, and Burma come together.This region was once the hub of opium production, a trade that had much influence on cultural practices and lifestyles.

There are several routes to Chiangrai from Chiang Mai and if you leave Chiang Mai by one route, you can return via another in a loop;

Heading North from Chiangmai on the 107 to Chiangdao,then to fang and on to Thaton, a relaxed atmospheric town on the banks of the Kok River, then on to the Chinese tea growing village of Doi Maesalong to enjoy panoramic views and tea tasting. Onwards to the small city of Chiangrai to stay overnight and absorb the Lanna style culture. Next day heading North on highway 1 to Mae Chen, then right on the 1016 to Chiang Saen and on to Golden Triangle and the Mekong river. Following the Mekong to Chiangkong and South along the Laos boarder, through stunning mountain scenery to Phu Chi Fa and on to the town of Phayao with the largest lake in Northern Thailand. By C&P BigBike Rentals.

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