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Prunus cerasoides, called the wild Himalayan cherry and sour cherry at Doi Ang Kang.
Doi Ang Kang By C&P big bike rental.

Doi Ang Kang, in Chiang Mai province, is an area on the border with Myanmar consisting of a number of peaks and ridges that, although largely deforested, contain a lot of scrubby vegetation and forest patches which provide enough habitat to...


The road go to Doi Suthep.
Doi Suthep By C&P big bike rental.

Nearby Doi Suthep national park is just outside town, from all over Chiang Mai you can see the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a Buddhist temple looking down on the town from Doi Suthep mountain...


The mountain at Samoeng Loop.
Samoeng Loop By C&P big bike rental.

The Samoeng Loop is in Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand. It is a roughly 100 km circuit that starts and ends in the city of Chiang Mai. Its winding road into the mountains northwest of Chiang Mai is highly popular...


Twin Pagoda at Doi Inthanon.
Doi Inthanon By C&P big bike rental.

DoiInthanon National Park entrance is 75 kilometers south of Chiang Mai, and the route to this area is an hours ride on a fast tarmac road with various sights to see on the way...


The mountain surround at Chiang Dao.chiang-mai-mountains-1600x900.jpg
Chiang Dao By C&P big bike rental.

In a lush, jungle setting in the shadow of a mighty limestone mountain, Chiang Dao offers many attractions including elephants, hill tribes, hot springs and caves as well as stunning mountain scenery...

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