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 Yamaha MT07 great bigbike rentals at C&P Big bike Chiangmai
Headlight of MT07.
clutch cover Yamaha MT07.
dashboard MT07.
Tail light MT07.

Yamaha MT07 ( big bike )

The MT-07 is designed to bring fun, affordability and enjoyment back to the street. And just about everything about this versatile naked bike - from its deep torque through to the agile chassis and outstanding economy - make it hard to resist for both newer and experienced riders.

The 689cc inline 2-cylinder engine benefits from special 'cross plane philosophy' which enables it to develop linear torque for outstanding acceleration. And the MT-07 is also equipped with a compact and lightweight chassis for remarkable agility and easy handling.

MT-07 from Yamaha. There's never been a better reason to rise up and ride.

Yamaha MT07 sport bike for rentals.
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