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About us BigBike Rentals.

Lan is Owner C&P Big Bike For Rent Chiangmai .
Lan the owner at C&P Big bike For Rent.And ride the big bike on the road.

Lan first opened C&P BigBike For rentals (Road  BigBike for rentals in Chiangmai )  25 years ago after graduating in mechanical engineering, applying his knowledge to his passion for motorcycles and riding. After a few years he came to specialize in off-road and dirt track riding, earning a reputation both as a rider and a mechanic.


In recent years, with the improvement of roads in North Thailand and the increasing popularity of on-road touring we now have a variety of road bikes available for rent.

Honda Africa Twin go to the pine garden.
Honda Africa Twin at the temple In Chiang Rai.
Honda Africa twin go to the mountian.
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